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Creators of the most unique outreach program in Sacramento, CA we believe that connections matter. In a world of titles, stigmas and separation towards those experiencing homelessness our mission is to break the social impact on poverty and homelessness through art, creative outreach, and resource allocation to reshape a city of connection and opportunity to purpose.


we believe in outreach that is bigger than a 'hand out' through our social approach we produce creative and social outreaches that spread uncommon love to those on the street, allowing us to build social capital and strong connections eventually leading our friends on the street to opportunities & resource allocation.


every person experiencing 

homelessness has a unique and different need, we believe in meeting each person right where they are, in providing equitable resources catered to their specific need. (Accountability Plans, Steps towards Housing, Motel Vouchers, ID / Bus Vouchers , etc.) There is a unique first step for everyone.


we are bold leaders, and story tellers who advocate for those 'unseen'. In reintroducing the narrative of those experiencing homelessness and poverty we believe we can see a world of social inclusion towards those in poverty that will open up the door of opportunity and possibility. 

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Jackie Meza

Autumn Empson
Client Advocate

Vanessa Cormier
Creative/  Outreach Coordinator


Karina Garcia
Southside Park Site leader